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    DEADLINE: Midnight, June 28, 2019
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    Santa Barbara Gives! (SB Gives!) now in its third year, is a year-end, fundraising program based on a model that has been successful in other communities.

    The goal is to create a new network of donors for participating nonprofits, as we hope to reach more donors, make it easier for them to give at, and inspire them to dig a little deeper and give a little more than they might otherwise.

    SB Gives! is project-based. Donors will be motivated by both the mission of an organization and a special social change project chosen for this campaign. At, each nonprofit will have a web page with details, it’s simple to click and give, and the leader board makes it exciting to watch nonprofits tick up in donations as totals are tracked in real time.

    Now in its third year this year-end giving program is intended to leverage the resources of The Santa Barbara Independent and The Fund for Santa Barbara to create a new network of donors for nonprofit organizations serving Santa Barbara county. The Fund and The Independent are coming together to model other successful campaigns between weekly papers and their local community foundation.

    The Fund for Santa Barbara's Grant Making Committee was chartered to determine eligible local nonprofits based on their applications and the criteria below. The Fund will serve as the fiscal sponsor for the campaign providing donation support to donors and nonprofits.

    The Santa Barbara Independent will provide the marketing platform for these nonprofit organizations through the publication of a special guide highlighting the specific projects and provide the online platform for donations.

    The campaign will kick-off with a special Santa Barbara Gives! insert in The Santa Barbara Independent on November 14, the same day the website goes live. The Santa Barbara Gives! campaign will run through midnight December 31.

    Readers will have the opportunity to read about your organization and your Social Change Idea in both the Santa Barbara Gives! insert and online at

    Selected organizations will be asked to secure a challenge grant as a fundraising incentive to donors. Readers of the Santa Barbara Gives! insert are directed online to donate to the nonprofit(s) of their choosing. You are welcome to utilize the Santa Barbara Gives! website for your year-end fundraising.

    Santa Barbara Gives! generates a matching fund to encourage more giving.

    We Invite Social Change Applications From Non Profit Groups That:
    • Work against discrimination based on race, sex/gender, age, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, ethnicity, language spoken, or immigration status;
    • Advocate for the rights of workers;
    • Promote self-determination in low income and disenfranchised communities;
    • Promote international peace and organize locally for a just foreign policy;
    • Work on improving the environment, especially organize a constituency usually without access to decision-makers;
    • Operate in a democratic manner, responsive to and directed by the constituency being served.
    • Use the arts to meaningfully engage communities in issues of advocacy, justice, and community-building.
    We Will Not Consider:
    • Political campaigns that support a candidate or a political party;
    • Private (vs. public) interests;
    • Direct labor organizing;
    • Projects providing direct services without a social change component;
    • Direct support to individuals;
    • Projects located outside of the Santa Barbara Independent distribution region.
    If you have questions about the selection process and/or the criteria contact Gary Clark at the Fund for Santa Barbara Email: [email protected].
    The deadline for application submission is midnight June 28, 2019.

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    For Technical, Website or Marketing Email: [email protected]
    For Criteria, Donor relations or Challenge Grant Email: [email protected].


    By submitting this application you are agreeing to keep the program confidential until launch, promoting your participation during the campaign, providing feedback at the end of the campaign and that the information you submitted is accurate to the best of your knowledge.