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Wilderness Youth Project

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Organization Mission

The mission of Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) is to foster confidence, health, and a life-long love of learning for young people and families through active outdoor experiences and mentoring.

WYP envisions teaching the next generation of children to be peaceful, respectful and confident stewards of our world.

The Big Idea:
Bridge to Nature

Because nature makes children smarter, healthier, and happier, WYP is launching Bridge to Nature. Partnering with Santa Barbara elementary schools, we bring over 340 of our community’s students with the greatest needs into the natural world during classroom time. Our time-tested experiential outdoor program links to Next Generation Science Standards and builds an experience bank which will foster a life-long love of learning.

Wilderness Youth Project has sparked new hope and an excitement for learning in our students. These at-risk students are experiencing “success” for the first time in their lives. Their self-confidence and love for learning is what we as educators strive to achieve in all of our children.

— Amy Alzina, Former Principal, Adams Elementary School