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December 31

Unite to Light

Organization Mission

Access to clean and affordable energy is critical to improving health, education, and prosperity globally. Unite to Light is therefore dedicated to providing low-cost solar lighting and power to those without electricity.

Social Change Project:
EmPowering the Homeless

For people living on the streets, a cell phone is more than a communication device; it is a lifeline, a connection to services, employment, and dignity. Unite to Light provides solar-powered cell phone chargers to some of the most at-risk people experiencing homelessness — women, youth, and veterans — in partnership with New Beginnings Counseling Center. Using solar power to charge cell phones saves time, energy, and money and ensures recipients can call for help when needed, know when jobs and housing become available, and even just read at night.

It’s hard to put into word just how much the solar charger has helped me. Even if I find a place to charge my cell phone, it’s dead by the afternoon. I had to call the auto club twice and tell them “my phone is going out so talk fast.” The same when I had to call 911 after an accident. My phone just does not hold a charge.
Now I’m looking for work and the charger has been so much help! Some interviews are done over the phone and that was a real problem, but now things are so much better. I hope to better my life, get a job and a place to live. I read once that you can get down so low that you have to reach up to touch bottom! Well, thanks to you all, I have passed bottom and on my way up and out!

— Fran, Age 73, Santa Barbara