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SYV Community Action Alliance

SYV Community Action Alliance-5733

Organization Mission

SYV Community Action Alliance facilitates the convergence of neighbors and networks who stand against discrimination and take action to affirm and protect civil, political, and human rights for all.

The Big Idea:
One Community Project

The One Community Project will provide venues and facilitated conversations between residents traditionally or recently divided by ideology, race, religion, age, gender/sexual preference, language, and socioeconomics — in order to engender understanding, empathy, and commonality and to identify and address needs in the community. This project may include community-based art projects, facilitated conversations around speaker forums, topical documentary films, social gatherings, and participation in or hosting of community fairs and festivals. Santa Ynez Valley residents will be encouraged to pitch project concepts falling within the SYVCAA mission and addressing the following topics: social and environmental justice, women’s rights, healthcare, and civic engagement.

The Santa Ynez Action Alliance has helped restore my faith in our democracy. At this time in history, when our country is more divided than I remember in my lifetime, the SYVAA has brought together people to work for positive change. The connections I have made have encouraged me to be more involved with our local and national politics. As a result, I’ve been going to CIty Council meetings and other local committee meetings and weighing in on the decisions being made here in the Santa Ynez Valley. It has brought me peace of mind to connect with people who are as patriotic and committed to peace as I am.

— Kristi Hundt, Age 44, Solvang