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December 31

TV Santa Barbara

Organization Mission

The Mission of TV Santa Barbara is to empower people to make media that matters. We do this by providing community members with knowledge, resources, and tools to create and distribute their own original programming content.

Social Change Project:
Youth Focused Vocational Media literacy and Production Training

TV Santa Barbara recognizes the need for low- to moderate-income youth in our community to have opportunities outside of the formal education they receive at school. With the removal of vocational training in many of our schools across the nation, TVSB sees the need to provide alternative vocational training in Media Literacy and Production to give community youth a creative avenue for success. We have several educational and vocational training programs to provide hands-on media education and outreach to Santa Barbara County youth. With your help we would like to expand our program to encourage more students to look into creating content through television production, Youtube, short stories and other social change projects.

My internship at TVSB has been filled with new experiences that were way out of my comfort zone. I am so glad that I had a chance to intern here and make friendly connections. It has been such an honor to work here with a very talented team. TVSB has been so inspirational and challenged me to discover my passion for media, film and how to create change with things we use everyday like Youtube and Instagram.

— Carmela Velasquez, Age 18, Santa Barbara