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December 31

Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation

Organization Mission

The Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation (SBACT) exists to equip the community to lovingly engage the marginalized while actively working for the betterment of their physical, emotional, and mental needs.

Social Change Project:
Westside Health Collaborative

The Westside of Santa Barbara has some of the most urgent healthcare needs in the city, yet there are disproportionately few health & human service providers located directly in the neighborhood. Currently, Harding University Partnership School hosts a monthly collaborative food distribution & health clinic open to all Westside families. SB ACT’s Westside Health Collaborative hopes to expand the services provided to include weekly health offerings such as diabetes testing, basic medical checkups, preventative health education, and academic resources for students, all provided at no cost. The weekly community events would also include the monthly food distribution and could serve as an open space for additional resources for adult education, immigration, mental health support, and more.

“La despensa saludable comunitaria está bien. A mi me gusta, porque como yo no trabajo entonces es una ayuda que nos dan. Es un regalo para no tener que comprar la comida. Todo lo que dan está bien.” (“The healthy community pantry is great. I like it, because since I do not work it is a big help that they’re providing. It is a gift to not have to buy food. Everything they provide is great.”)

— Rosalba Reyes, Age 38, Santa Barbara