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December 31

Sarah House Santa Barbara

Organization Mission

Sarah House provides a home and end-of-life care for people of low income. It continues its original mission by providing for men and women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, it offers comfort and assistance to family and friends of its residents. It trusts that its work in the community adds to the growing body of hospice wisdom. All of this is carried out with what is called “extraordinary kindness.”

Social Change Project:
Caring for Those who Care

Our caregivers have dedicated their lives to the humble service of caring for Sarah House residents, bearing an enormous amount of grief ministering to those that are at the end of their lives and their families and friends. We seek to offer the caregivers a weekend retreat at a nearby ranch, facilitated by teachers from our community who know the healing power of nature, wind, and silence. Each one of the dedicated caregiving staff needs and deserves this time. They will return to work reenergized with new coping skills and the power of teamwork and better able to serve our vital mission.

“Sarah House is an example of a perfect hospice…….a way station on life’s journey, a place of kindness, compassion and love. In my year’s of experience, it is an exceptional home for the body, mind and spirit when people need more than another miracle pill.”

—Seybert Kinsel, M.D. (retired), 92, Santa Barbara