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Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

Organization Mission

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network is a nonprofit organization that has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties for over 30 years. Our mission is to give wildlife of all sorts a second chance, whether they are coyotes, owls, squirrels, or sparrows. We answer 10,000 calls to our helpline and care for 3,500 animals annually. SBWCN is licensed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Social Change Project:
Wild Neighbor Welcome Packet

Here in Santa Barbara we are surrounded by beautiful wild animal neighbors; we must learn to live in harmony with them. The largest barrier to saving and serving wildlife is public awareness about SBWCN and its care center. SBWCN would like to invite people to care for wildlife through educational welcome packets to homeowners, homeowner associations, and tenants, including information about whom to call in a wildlife emergency. This direct-mail and door-to-door outreach would have a special focus on North Santa Barbara County, an area from which SBWCN receives the fewest patients, but has no shortage of wildlife in need.

“We care for many wild patients who are suffering from problems that are completely avoidable. Raptors ailing from rat poison, lizards stuck in glue traps, and birds caught by cats are common patients of ours. These types of tragedies happen everyday, and many community members do not even know that SBWCN exists to help in these situations. The Wild Welcome packets will provide educational material and resources that the people of Santa Barbara can utilize to save wild lives.”

–Elaine Ibarra, SBWCN Director of Animal Care