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December 31

Santa Barbara Teen Legal Clinic

Organization Mission

To educate youths on their legal rights and responsibilities and to empower them to make decisions that will allow them to grow into responsible and productive adults in the community.


Social Change Project:
Restorative Justice Project

SBTLC’s Restorative Justice Project provides an alternative response to juvenile crime that promotes healing and peace building by returning power to individuals and communities using the principles of restorative justice. Restorative justice focuses on a collaborative rehabilitation process through reconciliation between the offender, victims, and community at large. SBTLC intends to use S.B. Gives! funds to sustain restorative justice training and to promoting our services within this community.

I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me. Thanks to you I am now going to a high school and not going to home hospital. Thanks for working hard on my case and helping me get a second chance. Everything is going great for me. There are no problems for me at school that would lead me to do it again. I’m still going to counseling because she wants to make sure there are no problems while I’m at school. I got off probation in January. Thanks again for helping me out with my case. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened without your help. I would have probably been expelled and with that problem in my record. Thanks again so much.

— Anonymous

Dear Lawyer- I appreciate how you helped me out in my bad situation. I really wanted to tell you thank you very much. I thought it was nice of you taking your own time to do this for me for no money. Thank you so much.

— Anonymous