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December 31

Truth in Recruitment

Organization Mission

Truth in Recruitment’s goal is to work with students, families, teachers, veterans, community organizations, and school districts to clarify the consequences of military careers, to provide alternative options for students’ academic and professional success, to inform families of their children’s privacy rights, and to advocate for policies regulating recruiter presence on campuses.

Social Change Project:
Truth in Recruitment

We seek to empower students and families with balanced information so that they can make educated choices about all of their options. Truth in Recruitment’s (TIR) objectives are: to make our efforts more self-sustaining by increasing parent, student, and community leadership and participation; to ensure the recruiter policy in the Santa Barbara Unified School District is implemented and enforced, and to build our movement in North Santa Barbara County to regulate recruiting in the Santa Maria Joint Unified High School District.

Throughout the past years , there have been various occasions in which I have come in contact with military recruiters. I saw many give presentations in classes or even in an assembly and instantly thought that it was normal that they presented so much. However, it wasn’t until my junior year that Truth in Recruitment presented in my Chicano Latinos class and it was when I realized that there was a lot of access being given to recruiters and overall this brought more awareness towards the issue the youth was facing and wasn’t really being addressed. I wanted to become involved in Truth in Recruitment because I felt that my peers deserved to become informed about what was happening. Having the opportunity to hear what others experienced strongly impacted me because it has made me want to continue to strive for change.

— Santa Maria High School Student, Age 17