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December 31

Santa Barbara County Trails Council

Organization Mission

Santa Barbara County Trails Council protects public trail access, builds and maintains safe and sustainable trails, and promotes public engagement in land stewardship and trail use for all types of outdoor recreation. Through Healthy People Healthy Trails initiative, we work collaboratively with Sansum Clinic, Cottage Hospital, CenCal Health, City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation, and community partners to improve the health of community members countywide.

Social Change Project:
Healthy People Healthy Trails

The program goal is to remove obstacles and create innovative incentives to guide community members towards leading an active outdoor lifestyle and in the process reduce instances of chronic disease, including stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and obesity.

Healthy People Healthy Trails is creating social change by implementing three tools to address areas that influence physical activity in children and adults. A Prescription for Outdoor Activity is used by local doctors and evidence shows it is a strong motivator to get people moving. The prescriptions are filled through use a of a free set of maps to interesting places included in a Guide to Easy Walks. Through support from partner organizations, the Calendar of Events is recognized as the most complete compilation of group walks in the area.

Walking is man’s best medicine.

— Hippocrates