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Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition-5824

Organization Mission

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is a countywide resource and advocacy organization that promotes bicycling for safe transportation and recreation.

The Big Idea:
Connecting our Community through bicycling

Bicycling is our best tool for encouraging active lifestyles and reduced congestion and environmental impact. Each year, SBBIKE’s growing countywide bicycle programs and policy work make this community a better place to ride, especially for those who most rely on their bicycles for transportation. We are building momentum, and together with your help, we are leaving a legacy for Santa Barbara County’s future.

I really enjoyed riding my bike around the neighborhoods with the other kids. The lessons beforehand helped me understand how to ride safely.
-Sarah, age 10
How comforting for us to know that the kids learned so many helpful tools and rules for fun and safe bike riding. The kids continue to tell us about what they learned in the club and how they want to ride their bikes frequently and to school in the Fall. We couldn’t be more pleased with the staff and the program. It was a wonderful way to teach the kids important lessons while having fun. We also loved knowing the kids were learning about using bikes for transportation instead of cars.

-Sarah’s parents