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December 31

Sanctuary Centers

Organization Mission

We provide mental healthcare that transforms lives.

Social Change Project:
Integrated Care Clinic

In California, adults with mental illness are twice as likely to suffer from chronic health conditions and half as likely to seek treatment. They die 25 years earlier than others — not from mental illness but from untreated preventable illnesses: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, exacerbated by poor dental health. The major obstacle to care is the complexity of navigating our health-care system. The Integrated Care Clinic, a collaboration between Neighborhood Clinics and Sanctuary Centers, is the first and only collaborative clinic in Santa Barbara to colocate medical, dental, and mental-health services to reduce barriers for those living with mental illness.

“The care I received [from the Integrated Care Clinic] is the best medical care I have ever received. I came in because I was short of breath, and full of fear. People don’t go in because they are afraid and don’t want to find out bad news but that doesn’t work too well, so eventually you have to get care…I was treated with respect and there was a partnership in addressing my health and well-being. When it was determined that I needed a higher level of care, I was offered immediate and free transportation; who does that?! Everything was set up for me and I didn’t have to wade through paperwork, I was just taken care of. It felt like family. Like I said, hands down the best medical care I have ever had.”

—Kevin Dowd