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Mental Wellness Center

Mental Health Association in Santa Barbara County-5715

Organization Mission

To advance mental health in Santa Barbara County.

The Big Idea:
Youth Wellness Connection

Our goal for 2018 and beyond is to create connections, promote wellness, and reduce stigma around mental health both in our schools and throughout our community by working directly with students. The Youth Wellness Connection (YWC) Council is a high school leadership program of the Mental Wellness Center that educates, empowers, and engages students. We have 25-45 students in each of our campus clubs and collectively about 135+ YWC Ambassadors. With more than 1,500 students on each campus, our interactive campaigns and activities reach beyond our club meetings and to the broader student population.

Mental illness is a problem that our society often pushes aside, and chooses to suppress. There are so many people suffering in silence all over the world because we are taught to believe that being mentally unwell is shameful. I believe that the YWC Clubs are so important because we can stand up for people that feel as though they can’t stand up for themselves, and educate those who don’t understand in hopes of eliminating the stigma that surrounds mental health. Through the YWC Club and YWC Council I have met so many amazing people that I most likely would not have met otherwise, and I’m so thankful for that. I feel very proud to be a part of this group, and to see everything that we’ve been able to accomplish in the past year. I am hopeful that as we continue to work to raise awareness that more students will get involved and help spread our message across our community.

— Miranda B, Age 15, Santa Barbara