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December 31

Youth Interactive Collaborative

Organization Mission

Youth Interactive integrates entrepreneurship, art, and mentorship to empower teens with the real-life skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.

Social Change Project:
Resurrected By Youth

We offer a new educational approach that meets the needs of students and the demands of life in a global economy. We create youth-led businesses and mentor students’ creativity to help ignite their imagination and provide them with opportunities to develop the life skills they need to succeed beyond school. Our goal is to bridge opportunity and social divisions by providing creative young adults from all walks of life with the keys to self-sufficiency. 
The Youth Interactive Resurrected By Youth (RBY) is a successful program at the Los Prietos Boys Camp. It is a revolutionary entrepreneurship, and vocational education program designed to engage youth with criminal history. Based on a unique inside/outside partnership model, RBY not only offers art and practical hands on vocational skills training but teaches students how to turn craft into a business, combining the business skills of entrepreneurship with real practical & vocational skills helps steer youth onto a productive life path where they can in time earn a good wage and raise a happy family.
Once released from the Los Prietos Boys Camp Youth Interactive mentors will connect with each youth to guide them post incarceration and help them to either find them a job or provide addition business training. The Students from Santa Barbara once released from The Los Prietos Boys Camp Incarceration facility can also access all the wrap around services provided by Youth Interactive and its partners. This includes; free one-to-one academic tutoring, life skills support, job shadowing, cultural events, and other enriching experiences nearby and far away. For youth who live in poverty, are on probation, are homeless, or struggle in school, Youth Interactive programming provides:
  •  A safe meaningful place where they are respected for their contributions and develop mentoring relationships so important to teens.
  • An opportunity to have a voice and to be valued as a member of our society
  • The respect and responsibility of paid employment that promotes self-esteem and financial accountability. 
  • Educational experiences and support that encourage academic achievement.
  • Students with one to one free tutoring and access to many wrap around services, which helps them graduate
  • Being part of YI will help youth on probation by allowing them to earn a wage from their craft and prove that they are on the right path to positive behavior patterns, which will be taken in consideration in their profile assessment.

Youth Interactive is like my home, my second family. Without it I never would have been privileged with the experiences and opportunities I have today. I never thought that I would want to become an entrepreneur when I grew up. I thought I was going to grow up and become an accountant or a nurse — jobs that I wasn’t interested in, but Youth Interactive has shown me that I can be grow up and pursue a career where I can be creative. It’s given me insight into a field that I’ve never considered before and I’m glad it did because now I’m striving to become an entrepreneur and to own my arts store someday.

–Joyce B., student at San Francisco State, Age 20, From SB, currently in SF