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Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center

Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center-5693

Organization Mission

Jodi Wustman was a 19-year-old student when she was struck by a drunk driver while in college, suffering a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). With minimal support from local centers, Jodi’s parents built this unique organization to provide community reintegration support and rehabilitation services for brain injury survivors, their caregivers and family members. More than 35 years later, Jodi House’s mission has remained the same and has seen many lives changed for the better. . We are proud to be a leading model in the State of California in Psycho-social services, as well as in the analysis of brain injury recovery throughout the Tri-County region. We are proud that our program empowers members to not merely survive, but thrive. Jodi House helps brain injury survivors and their families find solutions, resources, and support to reclaim their lives

The Big Idea:
Brain Injury Awareness Outreach and Education

In 2018, we seek to create additional outreach and offer more support for one of the most vulnerable populations, adults with brain injuries who are also suffering from one or more of the following ailments: homelessness, substance abuse, major depressive disorder, and being at risk for suicide. This population lacks resilience and is at increased risk for additional brain injuries. Funds will go directly to increasing membership and expanding our programs in community outreach, social rehabilitation, vocational support, one-on-one case management, and supportive-living services.

In July of 2002, 23 year old Robert H. noticed a dog had fallen to the side of the truck, was hanging by his leash and was struggling to get back inside the bed. Robert reached out to anchor the dog but was suddenly stuck by a moving car. 5 months post accident and Robert is left with several broken bones and a very extreme brain injury, which is what led him to Jodi House. Upon arrival, he was very shy and only answered questions when asked but was always polite. His warmth and confidence has continued to improve along with his self sufficiency and social capabilities. Today, Robert continues to attend our day program on a weekly basis and is far from the timid man we originally met. He has successfully re learned both English and Spanish and has become extremely helpful around the house, skillfully fixing any problems he encounters.

— Robert H., Age 45, Santa Barbara