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December 31

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Organization Mission

Inspired by the life of a unique and incredible local little girl, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those with life-altering conditions. We believe in fostering kindness, courage, inclusion, and the NEVER GIVE UP in us all. We are an all-volunteer organization, and 100 percent of your donation goes toward fulfilling our mission.

Social Change Project:
Building the First Fully Accessible Playground in Santa Barbara

While we would never deny a child access to education, we routinely leave families with disabilities without options for play. We are building the very first universally accessible playground in Santa Barbara County, creating a place of wonder for all and fostering a bias-free world for families. Everyone in a community benefits from the elimination of social stigmas and prejudices, and this happens naturally when people of all abilities can play together. Our whimsical playground, unlike anything in this community, will be located at Dwight Murphy Field alongside other new exciting park amenities, and will spark curiosity and delight for every age. And once the park is built, we look forward to hosting events that foster inclusion, education, kindness, and acceptance.

Our estimated budget for the playground is $4Million and with community support we know we can do it. We are excited to bring an inclusive playground to our beautiful progressive city so all children can finally play side by side.

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation has personally impacted our lives with several grants to support our daughter, Lucy, and her disabilities. The Strong family has moved mountains in the rare disease world and for pediatric research. When Lucy was diagnosed, we were lost and devastated. We soon found the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and with their support – both emotional and financial – Lucy’s life and future changed for the better. We are fortunate to live near an inclusive playground and it saddens me that not every community has these magical spaces for all children. Lucy loves to play there with her typical siblings and many friends. From watching the Strongs put their heart into everything they do, we know this playground in Santa Barbara will be amazing!

— Cherisse Lunt, Age 35, Menlo Park