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Gaviota Coast Conservancy

Organization Mission

The Gaviota Coast Conservancy is dedicated to enhancing the rural character and environmental integrity of the Gaviota Coast for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Social Change Project:
Gaviota Coast For All, Forever!

The coast is never saved, it is always being saved. The Gaviota Coast is a unique bioregion of global significance.  In order to protect and enhance its environmental integrity, the Gaviota Coast relies on advocates standing up for sound land use planning, coastal access, regenerative agriculture, and careful biological and cultural resources management. The Gaviota Coast Conservancy (GCC) conducts hikes, paddling trips, and other activities to engage the community with Gaviota’s exceptional wilderness. Coastal access and recreation opportunities help people become connected stewards of and advocates for our coast. Join us and support a future of preserved biodiversity and managed, sustainable public access on the Gaviota Coast.

Before I considered donating to the GCC, I evaluated what groups were being effective at protecting and preserving open space areas important to me, a resident of Santa Barbara.
The Gaviota Coast Conservancy was recommended, and after watching Shaw Leonard’s movie Gaviota: The End of Southern California, I knew it was the right place for me.
GCC has managed to accomplish a lot over nearly 25 years by maintaining a continuing presence on the Gaviota Coast, monitoring every development proposal, working with receptive landowners, convincing planning agencies to reject inappropriate developments, and serving as guardians of our western coastline.  I didn’t know much about them before, but now that I do, I’m really proud to be a supporter.
I hope others will join me in supporting this very important local organization, dedicated to protecting a land that is important to us all.

— Robert Coronado, Santa Barbara, GCC Supporter