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December 31

Freedom 4 Youth

Organization Mission

Freedom 4 Youth has a successful history of empowering “at-promise” youth in the juvenile justice system and building community through transformative education, self-realization and trauma-informed wellness programs, mentorship, and policy advocacy.

Social Change Project:
Youth Mentorship & Advocacy Initiative

Since 2008, Freedom 4 Youth has grown a comprehensive, grassroots program that empowers youth within and beyond the juvenile justice system. F4Y provides personal and leadership development, one-on-one mentorship, and tailored transition support to help youth progress from detention to freedom while identifying satisfying careers, pursuing higher education, and nurturing their families. The stories of the youth we’ve served demonstrate that our compassion and commitment pay off with decreased recidivism, positive career and education outcomes, and increased community engagement. Through the creation of a  mentoring movement, many of the youth have a continuous commitment to Freedom 4 Youth in a transformed role, starting as a mentee and blossoming into an effective mentor. We are in the business of giving every young person a chance to flourish and creating an equitable and safe community in Santa Barbara County. We need your support to expand our operations and capacity—to establish a center, to make our program sustainable, and to ensure that we can continue to deliver young people from challenging circumstances to a lifetime of opportunity.

Freedom 4 Youth has been a good program for my family and I. We each communicate better. We get along. We talk things out, before; we wouldn’t even speak about anything. What I enjoyed most was the fact that Freedom 4 Youth felt like a family. How people understood you and they didn’t judge you. Like they all knew where you were coming from and they were just there to support you. Also, I got an A on all speeches I did so far in college and I owe that to you. Don’t stop what you do. This program changed my life. You really help everyone out! Thanks again.

—Reynaldo Guzman, Santa Maria