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December 31

Fratelli, A Men’s Chorus, Inc.

Organization Mission

Fratelli, A Men’s Chorus, is a chorus of about two dozen gay men and their allies who seek to create extraordinary musical experiences that inspire compassion, community, pride, and activism within and toward LGBTQ+ peoples in Santa Barbara. In these unsettling times, we believe it is more important than ever to fulfill this mission. Our music selection includes contemporary arrangements of traditional, multi-voiced favorites, as well as a rousing collection of musical comedy, pop, and folk tunes sprinkled with political satire and some energetic choral-ography, all presented with heart and humor and designed to promote unity.

Social Change Project:
A Pilot Outreach Program for LGBTQ+ High School Students in Santa Barbara

It is time for Fratelli to take our positive, inclusive message to local high school students. LGBTQ+ students face bullying and higher rates of suicide than their heterosexual counterparts. We hope these students will realize through our outreach that they are not alone and, in fact, are members of a valued, supportive gay community. Working in partnership with Santa Barbara PFLAG, Santa Barbara High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance and the school’s theatrical vocal director, we are proposing a pilot outreach program to include high school students to be featured with Fratelli in community concerts.

Here’s how one attendee described our 2017 Spring Concert on Facebook:

Fratelli’s performance this evening was a fun and touching tribute to our diverse country, our brave military, our devoted mothers, and the memory of Harvey Milk. I love that they took back the concept of ‘patriotism’ from those who have tried to so narrowly define it, and demonstrated a voice of resistance to those who would diminish the voices of freedom in our society.

— Joan Pedersen, Santa Barbara