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Four Ingenieros Foundation

Organization Mission

Four Ingenieros Foundation believes in providing educational assistance to underrepresented students who have the vision to obtain a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Four Ingenieros Foundation tiene la misión de proveer asistencia a estudiantes de bajos recursos quienes tienen la visión de continuar sus estudios profesionales en los campos de las ciencias, la tecnología, la ingeniería y las matemáticas (CTIM).

Social Change Project:

In 2020, Four Ingenieros Foundation aspires to bring STEM outreach to traditionally underrepresented community college students in Santa Barbara County who wish to pursue a career in STEM. Students will participate in a one-day engineering competition, gaining exposure to fundamental teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Para el año 2020, Four Ingenieros Foundation tiene el objetivo de generar un mayor impacto en estudiantes de colegio comunitario quienes radican en el condado de Santa Bárbara y quieren continuar sus estudios profesionales en los campos de CTIM. Four Ingenieros Foundation llevará acabo su competencia de ingeniería, en la cual todos los participantes podrán practicar sus habilidades de administración de proyectos, trabajo en equipo y metodología para resolver problemas.

The competition was an invaluable experience for me. From check-in until the end I felt very welcome and the excitement from the four ingenieros, as well as all volunteers. I was given the opportunity to work with other students and mentors. In addition, I am very grateful for the hands-on experience I got with designing and creating a device. Being that I am a returning student to the community college, I do not qualify for a lot of internships and mentorship opportunities because I am not a full-time student and because I have a lot of units. This can feel discouraging at times, but thanks to Four Ingenieros Foundation I am able to expose my creativity, hard work, and dedication. I left the competition more determined than ever to continue pursuing a Bachelor's and Masters in engineering!

- Lizbeth Mendoza

We Did It!

We did it, together, and raised $282,144 for 53 local nonprofits.