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December 31

Food From The Heart

Organization Mission

In every community, there are individuals who are homebound and suffering from illness or injury with no support network. Part of the healing process is being cared for nutritionally. Food From The Heart recognizes that need by preparing nutritious, healing meals that are delivered by caring volunteers to those in crisis due to illness or injury or who are under the care of hospice, visiting nurses, or other medical professionals. Food From The Heart does not charge for this service.

Social Change Project: Gleaning for sustainability

Each week, our dedicated volunteers glean more than 500 pounds of fresh, quality fruit for our clients. This year, our team has already picked more than 20,000 pounds of fruit that would otherwise go to waste. We also collect fresh produce with partners Veggie Rescue and Pilgrim Terrace Community Garden. Our bread-gleaning operation is similarly successful, collecting bread from bakeries that is still fresh and wholesome. We donate any extra harvest to charitable organizations that serve low-income families and homeless individuals in our community, such as Unity Shoppe, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Organic Soup Kitchen, and Rescue Mission.

Thank you for your donation of 10,228 pounds of food to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County throughout 2017…we were able to provide an estimated 8,054 meals to local families last year.

— Anonymous, Santa Barbara

Your donation of 1,708 pounds of produce to Veggie Rescue was used in deliveries to 7,633 individuals in Santa Barbara County.

— Anonymous, Santa Barbara