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Food From The Heart

Organization Mission

In every community, there are individuals who are homebound and managing illness or recovering from major surgery and do not have a primary caregiver nor the resources to hire someone. Part of the healing process is being cared for nutritionally. Food From The Heart recognizes that need by preparing nutritious, healing meals delivered by caring volunteers to those in crisis due to illness or injury or who are under the care of hospice, visiting nurses, or other medical professionals. Food From The Heart does not charge for this service.

Social Change Project:

Food From The Heart provides prepared food each week to 160 individuals in our community who live alone, are managing illness or recovering from surgery, and do not have the financial resources to hire a caregiver. We address food insecurity issues by ensuring our clients have nutritious food to eat while they are managing their illness or recovering from surgery. We serve adults of all ages. Volunteers perform the bulk of our work; we believe in the importance of giving others the opportunity to “give back” to make our community a better place.

“It's more than just the nutritious food. The weekly human contact cannot be underestimated. Having contact with my delivery volunteer week after week made me feel connected to the community outside. And thinking about all the volunteers preparing my meals was very healing. I truly believe it’s more than just the food that I absorbed, it is all the love and care your volunteers put into the food that then goes into my body. Knowing that all those volunteers were working together and doing it because they wanted me to get better was so empowering to my recovery. I never saw those volunteers, but believe me I knew they were there with me, every step of the way.”

- Catherine Callahan

We Did It!

We did it, together, and raised $282,144 for 53 local nonprofits.