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December 31

Families ACT!

Organization Mission

Families ACT! is a grassroots organization of individuals and families affected by mental-health disorders, substance use, and the revolving door of incarceration, ER visits, and homelessness. We work to develop ourselves as leaders and to fundamentally change county policies and practices that contribute to the neglect and abuse of persons with mental-health disorders and complex needs. We want Santa Barbara County to address gaping holes in our continuum of care and to create just and effective treatment options, with a focus on residential treatment beds and supportive housing units to help our loved ones recover their health, self-worth, and dignity.

Social Change Project:
Stop Santa Barbara’s Revolving Door

In 2019, Families ACT! expects a decade of advocacy to bear fruit. We expect to see significant progress in the number of residential treatment beds and supportive housing units the county has available to help restore people with mental health disorders and complex conditions to a state of wellbeing. We will involve the community-at-large in the Stepping Up initiative to ensure that people with serious mental health disorders receive compassionate and effective treatment in mental health facilities instead of jail cells. We will expand our advocacy projects at the County jail to include a wide cross-section of individuals and family members most directly impacted by conditions in the jail and invite them to collaborate with our stakeholders group and the Sheriff’s Department and Jail staff to improve the mental health, dental and medical services, the quality of the food, and the quantity and quality of restorative programs, the way inmates and their families are treated.

“Families ACT has emerged as a key advocate for mentally ill people who come into contact with the criminal justice system in Santa Barbara County. Their persistence and passion have made an impact, and the Sheriff’s Office is committed to continuing to work with them to achieve positive outcomes for mentally ill people and their families.”

—Sheriff Bill Brown, Lompoc