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Families ACT!

Families ACT-5729

Organization Mission

Families ACT! is a grassroots organization of individuals and families affected by mental health disorders, substance use, and the revolving door of repeated incarcerations, hospitalizations, and periods of homelessness. We have worked to develop ourselves as leaders and to bolster our capacity to create a true continuum of care and to change the mental health and criminal justice systems in ways that will empower affected individuals and families to recover their health, self-worth and dignity.

The Big Idea:
Beds Not Cells!

In 2018 and 2019, Families ACT! expects a decade of advocacy to bear fruit — and dozens of residential treatment beds for people with a variety of mental health conditions to be created across Santa Barbara County. This will offer effective and compassionate alternatives to the “revolving door.” One project, which we have nurtured for years, will provide 80-100 beds in a state-of-the-art residential treatment community co-located with housing units, job training, and volunteer opportunities for residents transitioning to independent living. We have helped to connect local housing experts, decision makers, and residential treatment providers who have stellar track records.

I have never had anyone, ever, help that fast! The fact that someone actually cared, acted immediately and treated us like human beings, just moved me to tears. People have died in that jail and some have lost the use of their limbs. I’m pretty sure that if there were no Families ACT!, my child would have been crippled. You guys gave me the power to effectively advocate for my family member. Before, the only answer I ever got, was “she’s at the age that it’s up to her”. That’s all I ever heard. I’m tired of those kinds of answers. Now, I find that I do have a voice and that I can advocate for my child and get her the treatment she needs. Now I’m becoming part of the team that can stand with others and change how things work in this County!

– mother