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December 31

Explore Ecology

Organization Mission

Explore Ecology educates over 30,000 youth annually, inspiring them to engage with the natural world, think critically, and become passionate environmental stewards. Our programs include School Gardens, the Watershed Resource Center, Environmental Education, and Art From Scrap.

Social Change Project:
Growing Healthy Minds, Bodies and Little Green Thumbs

Explore Ecology’s School Gardens serve more than 14,000 children a year. Using the garden as an outdoor classroom, our Educators teach students about Planting, Cultivating, Harvesting, Composting, and Nutrition. Children who garden spend valuable time outside, develop STEAM and analytical abilities, cultivate a deeper understanding of ecology, and feel an increased responsibility to care for nature. When school cafeterias serve school-grown produce, students gain a sense of pride and eat more fruits and vegetables at school and at home. Your donation will keep our School Gardens program thriving and alive with possibility for students at 38 schools throughout Santa Barbara County.

Our school garden is a magical space, that encourages the students to learn science, respect for the environment, and get some fresh air and sunshine. It’s especially important because I want nature and the outdoors to be an integral part of my daughters’ education; the garden has been the most effective place for that at school.

— Kim Crail, Santa Barbara