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December 31


Organization Mission

Our mission is to expand technology access and improve computer literacy in the community by providing free computer centers staffed by experienced technological professionals. We envision a world in which every person regardless of socioeconomic status has the opportunity to thrive in an increasingly digital society.

Social Change Project:
Goleta Valley Tech Center

Goleta Valley Tech Center, managed by EqualiTech, Inc., provides technical assistance and training in basic computer skills such as typing and opening an email account as well as language literacy programs, free of charge to any of our patrons. During our first 18 months of operation, we welcomed over 300 individuals who visited the center more than 3,000 times. Our population has consisted mostly of older individuals especially first generation immigrants and baby-boomers who are operating in a technology heavy world with little to no education about, access to, or experience using that technology. In 2019, our top priority will be extending our operating hours from twenty-five per week to forty per week in order to be more accessible to those in our community who need or could benefit from our services.

Translated from Spanish:

My name is Imelda Mercado. I found out about this place through a friend who was already receiving classes here. I wanted to learn to work with the computer that my grandson had given me. I have come Tuesday and Friday every week except the days that I am sick or have been traveling. I have worked with the typing program and I am constantly asked what I am interested in knowing. I currently work with email, YouTube, Facebook and I have recently started using Google Docs. I appreciate that there are places like this because you learn a lot and especially that the teacher has a lot of patience and the classmates are all very kind.

-Imelda Mercado, Goleta