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December 31

Environmental Defense Center

Organization Mission

The Environmental Defense Center works to protect and enhance the local environment through education, advocacy, and legal action.

Social Change Project:
Stopping the Trump Administration’s Offshore Oil Drilling Scheme

This year, the Trump administration proposed to open the Santa Barbara Channel to new offshore oil lease sales. If the proposal succeeds, these would be the first leases sold since Ronald Reagan was president. The Environmental Defense Center (EDC) needs help to fight back and stop this dangerous scheme to protect our climate, our coast, our clean air and water, marine mammals, and our local economy. EDC will utilize our extensive legal expertise and experience, working locally and statewide, to ensure that our precious coast is removed from the Trump plan.

“EDC has been at the forefront of protecting our coast for more than 40 years. They have the expertise, the experience, and the ability to fight the Trump offshore oil plan. They just need our support to power this effort.”

— Former Member of Congress, Lois Capps