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December 31

Coalition for Sustainable Transportation

Coalition for Sustainable Transportation-5878

Organization Mission

COAST provides advocacy, education and outreach to improve transportation options in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Regions, promoting rail, bus, bike and pedestrian access.

The Big Idea:

WalkBikeState: A Car-Free Zone on State Street

COAST proposes making a stretch of State Street a place for walking, biking and meeting new people in a car-free promenade. People of all ages and abilities could move about freely. Stores and restaurants could spread out. There would be musicians and artists’ booths, dance troupes, and exercise classes for participation. Nonprofits could have tables. Car-free zones are successful the world over in all the places we love to visit. We now have a unique chance to create one here by bringing key stakeholders together through our advocacy work. 

What I think makes a difference to decision-makers is the extent of community involvement and passion and determination –ongoing determination– not giving up when it comes to controversial issues…To me that is what COAST represents.

— The late Naomi Schwartz, former Santa Barbara County Supervisor