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December 31


Organization Mission

Clue SB is a network of inter-faith community leaders and members organized to address the root causes of local economic injustices to those marginalized in SB County.

Social Change Project:
Strengthening the Interfaith Community’s Response for Justice

Working with community partners leading social justice efforts, CLUE SB empowers the faith communities to create dialog and action that will strengthen the social justice ecosystem for our region.  We address local policies and practices to support the rights of immigrants, renters, unhoused neighbors, justice-involved people, and to protect our environment.

As a member of the St. Anthony Catholic Community, I feel I can speak for our group. We wholeheartedly endorse CLUE-SB and the social justice issues they champion, and have testified as such several times to the Sant Barbara Board of Supervisors.

— Judith McDermott, Santa Barbara