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December 31

Santa Barbara County Promotores Network

Organization Mission

The mission of Children and Family Resource Services (the “Corporation”) is to provide high quality, family-focused, strength-based and culturally appropriate educational and health services to build resilient communities throughout Santa Barbara County.
The mission of the SB Co. Network of Promotores (the Program) is to empower families and individuals with respect, dignity and compassion by enhancing the quality of all aspects of their lives through education and promoting healthy behaviors.

Social Change Project:
The Promotores Movement

Join us in support of the movement of the Santa Barbara County Promotores Network, part of an international movement that develops trained leaders inside diverse Latino communities throughout North, Central, and South America. With a population health focus, Promotores develop culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies in their institutional practices, systems, and service delivery. This project supports newly trained Promotores through engagement and specialized training in order to empower them as key stakeholders and valuable partners and contributors in community health, mental health, social services, and education.

Being Promotora de Salud has changed my life. I said this because I thought that my life was only about being a wife and mother! When I joined the group, I realized that I also needed to have the role of Individual Person, to grow and take care of myself. I am a diabetic person and I didn’t know much about this disease. Joining the Promotora family, opened the doors to me of more knowledge by getting involved with the diabetes organization and being part of this change in our community by bringing workshops and information to our community; with the aim of raising awareness and knowledge of everything to achieve a better life. All these changes strengthen the community in general and unite voices for a single mission: advocacy. The results of this effort impact our society and our rights.

— Beatriz Angeles, Goleta