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December 31

Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens

Organization Mission

Fairview Gardens builds critical connections among our community, agriculture, and education by innovating and producing safe, organic, locally-grown foods in a sustainable manner; serving as a community-based educational resource; advocating for appropriately scaled, healthy food systems; and providing engaging, hands-on experience with farming.

Social Change Project:
Farming for Life

At Fairview Gardens, we believe that organic farming and eating is the route to healthier bodies, healthier communities, and a healthier planet. In 2018, we tested this hypothesis by combining our Food System Entrepreneurial Academy with the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute’s Fresh Food Farmacy program. Doctors prescribed vegetables to low-income diabetic patients, and our food system entrepreneurs grew the treatments on the farm. From March to July, Fairview Gardens provided locally grown, organic vegetables to the patients for free and improved many major health biomarkers in our pilot cohort. This year, we will go from serving 20 families to several hundred!

“[The Food System Entrepreneurial Academy (FSEA)] was a transformative experience for me. Having a Health Science degree that focused on nutrition I always knew that vegetables were a crucial part of health and well-being, but the FSEA program added another dimension to my education; the way food is grown and made accessible to the residents of a community. FSEA is unique because of the amount of time dedicated to hands on learning, which incorporates the full-range of farming skills. The highlight of my time at Fairview Gardens was getting to see the fruit of my labor and all I had accomplished. I walked away from my time at Fairview inspired and grateful for the farmers that work so hard to put delicious and nutritious food on my table so that I can be healthy, but most importantly the Earth can be cultivated in a sustainable way.”

— Laura T., Age 25, Santa Barbara