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Arts Mentorship Program

Organization Mission

Arts Mentorship Program (AMP) provides creative guidance, mentorship, and financial support to young and emerging, performing artists in the Santa Barbara area who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. AMP provides four core programs: Scholarship Mentorship Program, Rent Subsidy Program, NO Limits, and Student Performance Companies.

Social Change Project:
Scholarship Mentorship Program and NO Limits

The Scholarship Mentorship Program is an arts education project that provides financial support, creative guidance, and mentorship to low-income and at-risk youth pursuing dance education in Santa Barbara. Students ages 4-18 participate in a progressive program, from beginning to advanced levels, in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and tap at Santa Barbara Dance Arts (AMP’s home studio). This opportunity allows them to train, perform, and have the same experience as the most affluent students in our community. Every scholarship recipient meets with a mentor three times per year. NO Limits works in tandem and is an entirely free 4-week dance program with two classes: an Adaptive Dance class for students with disabilities and an All Access Class for students with limited financial resources. This project happens in the spring and the summer. Concluding is a final performance (Spring) at our “Student Showcase,” a production completely produced by students. Direction, choreography, and fundraising is handled by students to support their peers by designating and raising funds for particular scholarships. In 2019, we would like to increase participants, mentorship, and financial support.


We very much appreciate the No Limits program. My daughter is legally blind, has Cerebral Palsy, and has a seizure disorder, along with Hydrocephalus. Every time she dances at Santa Barbara Dance Arts (Arts Mentorship Program’s Home Studio) she feels beautiful like a princess, like a ballerina. She stands tall and she forgets all her ailments. She has so much confidence that can be seen when she walks out of class. They have given back to the community in such a great way for young women giving them dignity, self worth, self esteem and confidence. Now with the No Limits Program, they’re able to extend those same motivational attributions to young women with special needs. The benefit and joy she derives is really beyond words. Thank you.

— Anonymous, Santa Barbara