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Introducing Santa Barbara Gives!

Santa Barbara Gives! is a year-end fundraising program for Santa Barbara nonprofits. The goal is to create a new network of donors for participating nonprofits, make it easy for donors to give at SBGives.org, and to inspire first-time donors to give in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara Gives! is project based. Donors will be motivated by both the mission of an organization and a progressive change project.

44 Santa Barbara nonprofits have been invited to participate in the pilot year of Santa Barbara Gives! Each nonprofit’s mission, progressive change project, and challenge grants can be found in their profile on sbgives.org.

Community members and businesses partners have stepped forward to pledge challenge grants to individual organizations and matching grants to the overall campaign. Now it is up to the community to support and give to these nonprofits.

Santa Barbara Gives! launches November 2, 2017 and runs through December 31, 2017.

Santa Barbara Gives! is a year-end giving campaign for Santa Barbara nonprofits born from a partnership between The Santa Barbara Independent and The Fund for Santa Barbara.

We Did It!

We did it, together, and raised $282,144 for 53 local nonprofits.