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A Letter From The Santa Barbara Independent

Dear Readers,
In 2017, the Santa Barbara Independent partnered with The Fund for Santa Barbara and launched a year-end online giving campaign that highlights organizations in our community doing crucial social work and provides an easy-to-use online donation platform for our readers.
Our third year of S.B. Gives! launches today, November 14, and we hope to continue to grow on the success of our first two years, which raised more than $400,000 for 44 nonprofits in 2017 and $390,000 for 55 nonprofits in 2018. 
The 53 area organizations chosen this year are only a fraction of the nonprofits in Santa Barbara but reflect the needs of our community. Their work focuses on areas ranging from community engagement to social justice and the environment to homelessness, LGBTQ well-being, and youth and education. This year we are also highlighting four nonprofits that support our immigrant community. 
The goal of S.B. Gives! is to introduce you to organizations on the front lines that empower systemic change. In 2020, we will be faced with voter ballot choices that will affect us all. At this pivotal point in our nation’s history,  it brings me great hope learning about these regional nonprofits that are working to ensure our community can continue to become more accessible and sustainable and to thrive regardless of the political climate. S.B. Gives! is our opportunity to think globally and give locally.
If you feel inspired as you read through this guide and learn about organizations and their projects, you can give as little as $10 to the organizations at sbgives.org   
S.B. Gives! is not possible without the efforts of The Fund for Santa Barbara, and we are deeply appreciative of their partnership. We also thank the Brittingham Family Foundation, the McCune Foundation, and the Santa Barbara Foundation for their support of this program and the 53 nonprofit organizations participating this year for their tireless work. Finally, we thank you for being an Independent reader. Now it’s your turn to visit sbgives.org and give!

We Did It!

We did it, together, and raised $282,144 for 53 local nonprofits.